Flights are from Heathrow Airport, London. UK. to Chennai (formerly Madras) South India.

A Choice of carrier is available (Air India; Oman Air: Gulf Air; Quatar Airways and Sri Lankan Air).and usually, all flights are overnight departing at approx. 21:00 hrs. and arriving early morning in Chennai. (flight time 10 hours.)

We at Bollywoodsmilz wanted to offer an all inclusive deal including flights but we are not allowed without licencing, to resell flights so because this is such a great deal we have devised a package deal that allows you to pay in stages. You, under our expert guidance, book your own flights and pay for that yourself. If you need a specialised medical treatment abroad insurance then we can recommend the most comprehensive and suitable policy to obtain and you apply and pay on line.

Now, we take over, you will be met at Chennai Airport and from then on, we will endeavour to fulfil your wildest dreams in obtaining that fabulous white Smile whilst all the while, enjoying this unique part of the World. To me, Pondicherry and Auroville is a bit more exotic than say, some of the lesser known towns and cities in Eastern Europe where dental tourism is offered.

Hotel Accommodations