A Smile you can afford to Smile about !

Bringing Dental Implants within financial reach of Ordinary People.Plus a Free 14 night Free holiday in Exotic India!

Welcome to Bollywoodsmilz. We are a Dental Facilitation Company based in the UK and India.

Deal of a lifetime from £1999 Smile Makeover or £2499 for implant package.

"Bringing Cosmetic Dentistry and Implants within financial reach of Ordinary people."

Number 1 Online Ultimate and Most Economical solution to your Cosmetic & dental Implant needs.

Forget that so sought after Hollywood Smile, choose a Bollywood Smile instead and get a free Holiday and more.

 "Go the Extra Mile for a Bollywood Smile"

Have you noticed the trend in cosmetic and smile enhancing dental treatments to give that “Hollywood Smile” recently in the press and media?
Do you want to give yourself a Smile Makeover but are shocked at the prices charged by dentists here in the UK and Europe ? Anything from £2000 for 1 implant to £30,000 and beyond for full mouth reconstruction. (Think Simon Cowell & Countless other Celebrities.)
Well at last here is the solution to your dreams of having a wonderful white smile giving you renewed confidence and a new zest for life able to express your happiness in a wide welcoming smile.
Our prices are unbelievable and we guarantee your satisfaction. A holiday of a lifetime and a Bollywood Smile together for the price of 1 yes 1 dental implant here in the UK. This offer includes flights; transfers; hotel accommodation. Choice of 3* City hotel or 3* Beach Resort.(Mango Hill Resort,Pondicherry Beachside. 15 minutes drive away from Dental Clinic or Hotel Corbelli, Downtown Pondicherry, nearby to the Dental Clinic.) Specialised Insurance, "Free Spirit", travel for treatment policy;) Bed & Breakfast. Dental treatment in form of vouchers for the price of 1 complete implant 50,000Rs.(£500.00 . Equiv. value in UK £2500.00 ) except Package 1, Smile Makeover excluding Implants, where voucher is 25,000rs value, but still worth around £2000.00 Equiv. value in UK.. This includes in lieu options for other treatments including whitening and veneers, crowns and general dentistry up to the value of voucher. Supplements available for further treatment if, eg. Needing more than 1 implant, all carried out by renowned Professors and Maxiofacial Surgeons of Dentistry. Dr.Sri Bala Ji and Dr Jothi Kumar. This two tier offer of a lifetime is available Now and is Only......  £1999.00 Hotel Corbelli Deal or £2499 Mango Hill Deal.

(for nominal supplement, Partner, friend or spouse can accompany client  as companion  or partner. Two people on budget choice for only cost of flights and normal travel Insurance if required, and then difference between price of single occupation of a double room (All rooms are Double, Air conditioned with ensuite bathroom and balcony or terrace. Staying at Hotel Corbelli for Approx.£2,500.00.
 or at Mango Hill Resort Spa for Approx £3,000.00.
(Google respective areas of interest for more info.)
Unbelievably true! A two week holiday of a lifetime in tropical Pondicherry & Auroville. India, complete with a Dental Smile makeover all inclusive.
Pondicherry and Auroville are relatively unknown to the average British tourist when considering India as a holiday destination. Most think of Goa, Kerala and the North. Pondicherry is unique in its location in the South East Tamil Nadu yet is a independant tax free union territory. It is a nucleus for yoga and health type tourism yet with a cosmopolitan feel with French Boulevards and Seafront Promenade. "The Life of Pi" was filmed here along with many Bollywood movies being made here every week. Want to be an extra in a movie? Every chance here!
Sample Treatment Charges...All redeemable against inclusive 25,000rs or 50,000rs. dental treatment voucher.
Scaling and polishing (Hygiene) £50. (5000rs)
Teeth Whitening £50. (5000rs)
Tooth Restoration ( white fillings) £25.00 (2,500rs)
Root Canal Treatment. £50. (5,000rs)
Ceramic Crowns
Metal Fused. £100. (10,000rs)
All Ceramic £170. (17,000rs)
Veneers and Laminates, lumineers. £100.00 (10,000rs)
Dental Implants. £350-500.00 (35,000-50,000rs)
Call for further information and brochure.

0044142460635 or 00447511232429 or 00919894106975
A smile makeover is the ultimate cosmetic treatment. It combines different cosmetic treatments to create a smile of perfection, and is something many a well-known celebrity has taken advantage of in the past. Research has shown that an attractive smile often goes hand in hand with a successful personal and professional life, and with a smile makeover you can achieve the smile you have always wanted in a short space of time.
At Bollywood you can choose what treatments to have as part of your smile makeover. We offer a vast range of dental and cosmetic treatments and will discuss each one with you so as to make sure your decision is an informed one. Whatever your problem - crooked teeth, discolouration, missing teeth - there is sure to be a smile makeover treatment that can help you.
Are you an aspiring Actor or in a career where a great Smile helps you get roles?

Are you looking at India as a holiday destination  in the future?
Are you affected by the “bling culture” in the UK ?

Are you thinking of getting that “Hollywood”smile makeover that is so promoted, well, think again and forget the hype about Hollywood whitening and veneers et al.
Why not go for a “Bollywood Smile” instead at a fraction of the cost and get a free holiday of a lifetime all for the price of 1 yes 1 implant here in the UK.  

The Deals

Happy guru's Trust fund for Employees Children's Educational Needs.
At Mango Hill and the Hotel Corbelli all of the staff there struggle with giving their children a good education which has to be paid for, currently around 3,000rs a month about £30.00. Considering that their monthly salary is around 10-12,000rs a month £100-£120 and the reason we are able to offer such amazing prices is simply because the cost of living and the commensurate wages paid are far less than here in the UK. But even so, with rent, food to buy, transport and utility bills, there isn’t much left for them at the end of each month, struggling to buy text books, pens and pencils and all other educational requirements for their children to have all the necessary items for a decent education. I propose that 10% of any net profit is donated to a donation fund which you are invited to add to on your visit to provide these things, enabling the parents who give so much of their time to the Hotels guests to have some help in having hope for the future of their children, giving them the much needed good start in life to go on and be a credit to all involved.