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Terms and Conditions. & FAQ.


What happens after you make your booking at www.bollywoodsmilz.com and how do I know if my ticket has been issued and everything is confirmed?


When making a booking at www.bollywoodsmilz.com, you will see a booking reference and confirmation number that your booking has been completed. This is automatically generated once you have clicked the “confirm booking” button. In addition, you will receive an automatically generated booking confirmation email including the same confirmation number. If for any reason you do not receive the confirmation number and email, please contact us giving full details of your booking at


In case of changes:

 It is not uncommon that departure times are modified by the airline. This is of course outside of our control; however, we will endeavour to contact you should this occur. We strongly suggest that you give us your mobile phone number to enable us to contact you by phone or text message, if necessary, due to payment processing problems, changes to your flight schedule or for any other valid reason.

Separate charges made by www.bollywoodsmilz.com  or the airline.

Occasionally you may see more than one charge related to your purchase in your credit or debit card balance. This happens for two reasons: (a) because separate charges have been made by www.bollywoodsmilz.com and the airline (see below) and (b) due to temporary withholding of funds made by your bank.

A) Separate charges made by
www.bollywoodsmilz.com and the airline company:

Frequently, the purchase you make includes several payment concepts which are generally divided into two separate charges, one made by the airline and other one made by www.bollywoodsmilz.com 

Charges made by the airline include:



The charges made by www.bollywoodsmilz.com  include,

The sum of all the other components e.g. hotel accommodation, ground transfers and any other products


Our Service fee.


Please note: The  www.bollywoodsmilz.com  charges plus relevant airline charges will always  be the total amount you will see, agree and confirm on the website when making a booking.

I haven't received the confirmation of my Booking. What shall I do?

If your email is working normally but you haven't received a confirmation e-mail within 2 hours of booking, it could be that an email or spam filter is blocking mails from www.bollywoodsmilz.com .

If this is the case, please use the form provided in our Customer Service section to send us a message indicating your mobile number and an alternative e-mail address where we can contact you.

Bookings made for third parties (i.e. the person purchasing the ticket is not one of the passengers travelling)

You can make a booking even if you are not one of the passengers. However , www.bollywoodsmilz.com reserves the right to review the legitimacy of such bookings as appropriate and authorise accordingly. In these cases, www.bollywoodsmilz.com requires an express authorisation from the purchaser and a legible photocopy of the holder’s credit card and ID card or passport. These documents will be required by fax or by email as scanned copies.

In order to ensure that the booking is processed promptly and efficiently, it is essential that you provide us with a mobile phone number so that we are able to contact you by phone or text message in case further information is required to process the payment

What is an electronic ticket? What advantages does it have?

 An electronic ticket is a paperless means of ticketing. In comparison to traditional paper tickets, the new electronic ticket system has important advantages:

It is cheaper,

It is quicker - Once your payment has been authorised and you have received your confirmation email, you have all you need to travel!

You can’t lose your ticket

It is more environmentally friendly

E-ticketing is now standard throughout the travel industry. It is therefore advisable that you take a copy of your confirmation email/ receipt with you at all times when travelling or keep a note of your confirmation number.

NB. You will be required to have a printed copy of your confirmation when checking in for flights.

Acceptable forms of payment.

At  www.bollywoodsmilz.com  we accept payment for tickets using either a credit or debit card.

 Does www.bollywoodsmilz.com require a signed authorisation in order to charge the tickets paid with credit card?

www.bollywoodsmilz.com  may require an express authorisation from the purchaser and a legible photocopy of the holder’s credit card and ID card or passport, in certain cases. When required, these documents must be sent by fax or email as a scanned copy.

There are some frequent cases where we will ask you for this information – as follows:

When the total amount of the confirmed booking is equal or greater than two thousand (£2,000) pounds.


When the holder of the credit card that was used as the form of payment is different from the name of the passenger indicated on the booking

We reserve the right to request this information for any booking. Please do not be offended if we ask you for this information even if it does not fit in with one of the examples shown above. We carry out random checks to ensure that we minimise our exposure to fraudulent transactions which are prevalent in the arena of travel booking. It is in this way that we are able to keep our fares as low as they are.


Is it possible to cancel a booking after having bought the ticket?

Once confirmed, bookings will be treated as definite. www.bollywoodsmilz.com will issue all booked tickets upon confirmation and receipt of payment. This is in effect a contract between www.bollywoodsmilz.comand the airline and thus in turn considered the same between www.bollywoodsmilz.com and the customer. In effect, it is not possible to cancel a booking and as such all cancellations will be treated as refunds. The rules governing refunds are set out below and will carry a £50 administration fee.

Can I ask for a refund?

If you are unable to travel you should in the first instance ask for a refund. In some cases, refunds are possible although an administration fee will be charged. The alternative would be to make a claim using your travel insurance if applicable.

At www.bollywoodsmilz.com we do not force our customers to take out travel insurance, however, we strongly recommend you have some form of comprehensive travel insurance in order to ensure that you are able to get your money back for example in the case of unforeseen circumstances such as health problems.

The ability to issue a refund is determined by the airline. Refunds will be subject to the fare conditions relating to the ticket that you purchase. Usually the cheapest fares will not  be refundable as with all fares on low-cost carriers.

www.bollywoodsmilz.com charges £50 for processing of refunds or cancellations. This is in addition to any charge that the airline company may levy.

All cancellations and refunds will be handled as quickly as possible although we recommend you allow 4-6 weeks for processing. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to provide refunds in shorter times.

Can I modify my booking?

You may make a request for changes by sending an email message to our customer care team at
customer-care@bollywoodsmilz.com  or by calling the number on the website. In most cases (depending on your fare conditions), the airline will make a charge for making any kind of changes.

Please note that in some cases, especially those concerning cheap or discounted fares, or for bookings made using low-cost carriers, the airline will not accept any changes or the cost of these changes may equal the cost of the original ticket.

Apart from the airline charges relating to such changes, www.bollywoodsmilz.com will charge an administration fee of £25 for any such changes made.

How can I modify a surname in a booking?

As with most changes to bookings, in many cases, especially those concerning cheap or discounted fares, or for bookings made using low-cost carriers, the airline will not accept name changes. Alternatively the cost of these changes may equal the cost of the original ticket.

In this case
www.bollywoodsmilz.com must cancel the existing booking and issue a new ticket, with all related costs charged to the purchaser. At best, these costs will include the airline cancellation and management fees which we are required to pass on to the customer along with the www.bollywoodsmilz.com administration fee of £25.

What documents does www.bollywoodsmilz.com require to process my booking?

For security reasons most countries now require airlines to provide details about their passengers before they travel. This is known as Advance Passenger Information (API). In order to ensure that this information is passed on to the relevant airline in a timely manner we may need details of your passport, nationality and several other details at the time of booking.

API requirements vary from country to country. For further information visit the countries tourist  website.

API has nothing to do with applying for a visa. You are still required to follow the entry rules for every country you visit, as well as any required customs and passport control regulations.

What documentation do I need to travel?

For all international flights your passport is mandatory and, depending on the destination country, you will also need a visa. If you are in any doubt about visa requirements we strongly advise that you contact us as soon as possible at www.bollywoodsmilz.com

Visa  Information for India.

You NEED a visa to visit India which can be obtained by filling in visa application online at in.vfsglobal.co.uk website who handle all visa applications. This usually takes up to 2 weeks to process.


Who is responsible for having all the documentation necessary to travel?

We can of course offer advice on travel documentation and visa requirements; however, the onus is on you to ensure that you have the required documentation when you arrive at the airport.

If for any reason you are denied boarding (or indeed entry to the destination country) because you do not have the required documentation to travel, we will be unable to issue any refund. The passenger is solely responsible for carrying the required documentation at all times.

What shall I do if I have failed to complete the booking?

Occasionally there may be connection or communication errors between booking systems which prohibit you from completing your booking as desired. We can assure you that www.bollywoodsmilz.com does not store the payment data provided by you and thus your details are secure.

If this occurs, we suggest that you try again a little later. If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact us at
 customercare@bollywoodsmilz.com  to confirm the status of your booking and to rebook.

What shall I do if I have made a mistake with the date or the time?

Unfortunately many fare types prohibit changes or cancellations (or there may be significant charges) once the booking has been confirmed. It is therefore absolutely essential that you take extra care when entering the date, time, passenger’s names or any other information required when making the booking as the tickets will be issued automatically.

In the event, however, that you do make a mistake with your booking, we suggest you contact us immediately
customercare@bollywoodsmilz.com or call us on the number listed on the website. We can then contact the relevant airline and may be able to reduce the costs of a possible cancellation.

What shall I do if I haven't seen the final confirmation page?

If for any reason you do not see the final confirmation page when making your booking, your booking has not been made and your data has not been stored. In that case, we suggest you try again later or contact us at customercare@bollywoodsmilz.com  with the relevant name, mobile phone number and the itinerary you have been trying to book.

How are children’s bookings made?

When searching your flight, you must specify the number of every type of passenger travelling i.e. adults, children and infants. In order to make the booking, we will require the children’s age and passport details. Please ensure that the correct details are given as the age of the child will influence the cost of the fare.

Remember that depending on the airline, passengers under a certain age must be accompanied by an adult.

Will I receive a receipt?

You will receive a receipt automatically by e-mail when your ticket is issued. If you do not receive this email receipt, please contact  us at  www.bollywoodsmilz.com

Will I receive a cancellation invoice?

If in the event that you have to cancel for any reason, we are able to issue you with a cancellation invoice for the purposes of any insurance claims. www.bollywoodsmilz.com  charges an administration fee of £25 for any such invoice.

What do I have to do when I arrive at the airport?

You must go to the check-in counter of the relevant airline and show your passport. You will also need to provide the airline with a print out of the confirmation email or the booking reference.

How do I make a complaint or suggestion?


At www.bollywoodmilz.com we endeavour to ensure that your booking is handled efficiently and competently at all times. From time to time, however, you may feel that we have not lived up to your expectations. If this is the case, you can register your complaint by writing  customercare@bollywoodsmilz.com  

At  www.bollywoodsmilz.com we are constantly striving for service improvement and our customers’ needs are our first priority. If you have any suggestions that you feel would help to improve our service, please contact us at customercare@bollywoodsmilz.com




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