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Well, here we are in the age of Covid and limitations on our travel, whether or not that includes dental or medical work to be carried out abroad.

These blogs will now feature as a weekly update facility where we can keep you informed as to what is happening on the ground, so to speak. We are in daily contact with our partners in India and as soon as we are allowed and it is 100% safe, the dental tours will recommence.

The traffic light system kicks in on May 17th, 2021 in the UK  but India at the moment is firmly on the red list. However, this will pass and we will be able to offer dates as soon as we are allowed.

I anticipate that it will be 2022 before any headway which is why it is imperative you join up and book your dates now. The further away you can book, the more likely you are to secure a place because with the NHS now declaring years of waiting times and Private practices just costing too much, we will sell out simply because this is the only way you can get real value for your money, and you will have a wonderful smile and a healthy mouth to show for it, oh and don’t forget those two weeks of experiencing the delights of idyllic Southern India hospitality for free and returning home a changed person. We are the only company in the UK to be offering this type of exclusive deal so don’t hesitate, join us and be one of the many who have their oral health covered.



It is now May 2021 and Covid is still raging throughout the world, we will get through this and these blogs are designed to give you all the information concerning travelling for dental treatment abroad. Our members will …


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